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What member benefits does a MoneyBack physical card member have?
How to apply for MoneyBack APP membership?
Can MoneyBack APP member earn points at PARKnSHOP physical store and PNS eShop?
When will be the points added to my account after the transaction completed?
What can I do if I forget to show my Moneyback APP when I make a purchase. Can I claim back the corresponding MoneyBack points?
Can Moneyback APP members use MoneyBack points in PARKnSHOP physical stores and PNS eShop?
If I have lost my MoneyBack member card, what should I do?
How to change my MoneyBack login email, mobile phone no. or password?
How can I become MoneyBack VIP member?
How can I receive the latest offers and promotions?
Can I place an order at PNS eShop without registrating as Moneyback App member?
If I registered on PNS eShop but fail to login, what can I do?
If I register as a member in PNS eShop, will I automatically become a Moneyback App member?
How can I deactivate my MoneyBack App account? Can I get back my account if it has been deactivated?
How can I enquire the MoneyBack App or MoneyBack points related issues?